Cheese – Washed Rind

PAIRS BEST WITH: Aromatic & Rich whites or Fruity & Smooth reds

ALSO CONSIDER: Powerful reds, as well as beer, cider and stout

Washed Rind cheeses are surface ripened by washing the cheese during the ripening phase with a brine solution containing a special bacteria, or alternatively with wine, brandy or beer. The rind is bright orange or brown, and gives off a very pungent aroma when fully mature – the more mature, the more pungent the aroma.

These are the smelliest cheeses you will find, but don’t let that put you off, as the interior is generally soft and creamy and can be surprisingly mild. Examples include Epoisses, Livarot and Taleggio.

Washed Rind cheeses generally pair best with Aromatic and Rich style whites, or Fruity and Smooth style reds.

Powerful reds should be considered for the most full flavored examples.

Beer, cider and stout can also make very good pairings with these Washed Rind cheeses.

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