Meat – Game

PAIRS BEST WITH: Rich whites & Smooth or Powerful reds with good acidity.

ALSO CONSIDER: Aromatic and Crisp whites.

Game meats (game birds, venison, wild boar) are rich and robust in flavor and can be quite earthy. They require full bodied and richly flavoured wines, to match the strong flavors of the meat.

Rich style whites and Smooth or Powerful style reds are best. They have the body and flavor profile required to balance the pairing, often enhanced by oak. These wines should have good acidity. When choosing a red look for those that display earthy qualities in their flavor profile.

Some Aromatic whites can also be very good depending on the flavor and spiciness of the dish, and Crisp whites can work with lighter recipes.

To find a great pairing for a particular dish or an individual wine, see the Food index on Pocket Wine or go to the Food Pairing section of the relevant grape variety.

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