Meat – Lamb

PAIRS BEST WITH: Smooth & Powerful reds

ALSO CONSIDER: Fruity reds (light dishes) and, by exception, Aromatic whites.

Lamb is very wine-friendly and is a great match for classic reds. Roasted lamb, in all its guises, is ideal with Smooth and Powerful style reds, especially those with a good level of acidity, as they can deal very effectively with any fat content.

Bear in mind that younger lamb is tender and has a more delicate flavor than older lamb. Any herbs or sauces should also be taken into account and be sparing with mint sauce, as it can clash with most red wines.

For lighter or simply prepared dishes, a Fruity style red is best. And if the dish is quite spicy, such as a lamb tagine, an off-dry or medium-dry Aromatic style white is a good option.

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