PAIRS BEST WITH: Crisp & Rich whites or Fruity & Smooth reds.

ALSO CONSIDER: Aromatic whites & Powerful reds.

Pasta dishes cover a multitude, simply because the pasta plays the role of a carrier for the main ingredient. As with other foods, the weight and strength of flavor of the dish should be matched to the body and strength of flavor of the wine.

The sauce to be used with the pasta is very important in this context. If tomatoes play a dominant role, you will need a high acid wine, either red or white. The same applies if you are using cream, although the body of the wine can now be fuller. The main ingredient – meat, poultry, fish or vegetables – will also help determine the style of the wine.

The range of possible ingredients are so flexible that all styles of wine come into play, but generally most will be Crisp and Rich style whites or Fruity and Smooth style reds.

You should also consider Aromatic whites when the dish is spicy or has an abundance of fresh herbs, and Powerful reds will be an option for the weightiest of recipes, especially when red meat is the main ingredient.

To find a great pairing for a particular dish or an individual wine, see the Food index on Pocket Wine or go to the Food Pairing section of the relevant grape variety.

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