Cheese – Bloomy Rind

PAIRS BEST WITH: Aromatic & Rich whites or Fruity & Smooth reds

ALSO CONSIDER: Smooth & Powerful reds

Bloomy Rind cheeses are ripened by spraying the outside of the cheese with a mould (penicillium candidum), which gives them an edible “bloomy” rind that is generally white in color. It takes the mould about a week to develop and then the cheese is left to mature for a brief period.

When they are mature, these cheeses have a creamy texture and can be very flavorsome. Examples include Brie, Camembert and Triple Cream.

Pair with fuller bodied Aromatic and Rich style whites, as well as Fruity and Smooth style reds with good acidity.

Riper, more mature examples can be paired with Smooth or Powerful reds with good acidity.

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