Meat – Veal

PAIRS BEST WITH: Crisp & Rich whites or Fruity & Smooth reds.

ALSO CONSIDER: Aromatic whites & Powerful reds.

Veal is similar to Pork, in that it occupies the middle ground between red meat and white meat and can pair well with either red or white wine. The delicate flavor and tender texture of veal should be taken into account when making your wine selection, as well as the fact that it is naturally low in fat. How the veal is cooked and any accompaniments should also be considered.

Lighter dishes, and those prepared with cream or lemon juice, go very well with Crisp style whites and Fruity style reds with good acidity.

More substantial dishes call for Rich style whites or Smooth style reds, and the weightiest dishes, such as veal stew, can take a Powerful style red.

If the dish is spicy, or has a sweet ingredient (such as Veal Marsala with a sweet, rather than a dry Marsala), then an Aromatic style white would be ideal.

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