Meat – Poultry

PAIRS BEST WITH: Crisp & Rich whites or Fruity & Smooth reds

ALSO CONSIDER: Aromatic whites & Powerful reds.

White meats (e.g. chicken, duck, goose and turkey) are lower in both protein and fat content than red meat, and are therefore more versatile with wine. In most instances they can be paired equally well with white or red wine. Because white meats, especially chicken and turkey, are lighter in flavor than red meat, how they are cooked will be somewhat more important.

Generally, white meats pair very well with Crisp and Rich style whites and Fruity and Smooth style reds. This is not to suggest that they cannot be paired very successfully with Aromatic whites (when dishes are sweet or spicy) and Powerful reds (for weightier dishes), but a little more care is needed.

As duck and goose are weightier and more richly flavoured than chicken or turkey, and have a higher fat content, they require full flavoured wines with medium to high acidity. Generally, they are best paired with Rich style whites and Smooth or Powerful style reds, with good acidity. Some Aromatic whites can also be very good depending on the flavor and spiciness of the dish and Crisp whites work well with lighter recipes. When pairing with duck you will rarely go wrong with a Smooth style Pinot Noir (Classic).

To find a great pairing for a particular dish or an individual wine, see the Food index on Pocket Wine or go to the Food Pairing section of the relevant grape variety.

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