At Wine Paradigm we are dedicated to unlocking the world of wine to give everyone the opportunity to go on a fascinating wine adventure. A paradigm is a model or a framework and without the assistance of such an aid entry into the world of wine can be extremely difficult. So we have combined decades of wine experience to develop models or paradigms that allow you to gain an insight into the world of wine that could otherwise take you years to acquire.

Pocket Wine has been developed as a highly informative, easy to use interactive wine journal, and is available to download to all Apple devices. With Pocket Wine as your companion you will be able to explore and develop a clear understanding of all the table wine styles, as well as keeping a record of the wines you like. Use it to expand your wine repertoire in a meaningful way and learn how to match foods with wine styles – it’s easier than you think.  

We would be very interested to hear you views.  So please let us know what you think – all suggestions are most welcome.