PAIRS BEST WITH: Crisp & Rich whites or Fruity & Smooth reds

ALSO CONSIDER: Aromatic whites & Powerful reds

Vegetables, and vegetarian foods in general, are very versatile with wine. As with other food types the same principles apply – match the weight and strength of flavor of the food with the body and strength of flavor of the wine. Vegetables cover the full spectrum from light and delicate to big and robust.

It is important to keep in mind how the food is cooked, as well as any other ingredients used, such as cheese or cream. Dishes that contain high acid foods such as tomatoes will require high acid wines, and mushroom based dishes pair well with tannic wines.

Generally, Crisp and Rich style whites or Fruity and Smooth style reds will meet most of your requirements.

However, you should also consider Aromatic whites, especially off-dry ones, for spicier dishes, and Powerful reds for barbequed and roasted vegetables, as they have more intense flavors.

To find a great pairing for a particular dish or an individual wine, see the Food index on Pocket Wine or go to the Food Pairing section of the relevant grape variety.

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