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Pocket Wine is a highly informative, easy to use interactive journal, which unlocks the complex world of wine – giving you an insight that has taken others years to achieve. It is your gateway to the fascinating world of wine and has become one of the most popular wine apps in the USA, UK and Canada. Based on unique wine style definitions it enables you to easily navigate, explore and gain a clear understanding of all the major grape varieties and blends. The app allows you to add photos and details of wines you like and you can also add wines to your Cellar and view any listing of your wines (by grape, style, country, retailer, etc..) through easy to use Search and Sort functions.

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Unique wine style definitions enable you to explore table wines in a meaningful way.

Includes comprehensive information on 110 major grape varieties and blends.

Detailed regional information given on all grape varieties and blends.

The “My Wines” feature enables you to include photos and details of wines you like and add them to your Cellar.

Discover your taste profile, as well as those of family and friends, and share the results.

Search tools give easy access to the grape variety content, as well as the wines you have added to the app

Unique food pairing tool provides style guides and recommendations for hundreds of recipes.

A glossary section includes the most important wine terms and definitions.

And many other exciting and useful features. Go to the App Store now and download it!