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This app will transform you from a “Grab Any Bottle” wine buyer into an enthusiastic seeker of new experiences and delights.

A lifetime’s worth of enjoyment for less than the price of a glass of wine.

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Track Your Wines

Never forget the wines you love by adding them to the app.

Get intimate with your favorites, manage cellar stock and record your wine

Pocket wines styles

Get to Know Wine Styles

It’s a revelation – you’ll look at wines in a whole new way.

This insight has taken others years to achieve and will enable you to view wines like an expert.

See some of the grape varieties from the app

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Taste: Light and fresh with aromas of violets, red fruits and spice (cinnamon), followed by flavors of cherry, cranberry, raspberry and sometimes blackberry, together with peppery notes and earthy undertones. (more…)

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Taste: Aroma of alpine flowers, honeysuckle, herbs and orchard fruits followed by flavors of apple, pear, apricot, citrus and stone fruits, which are accompanied by an earthy minerality. The body is substantial with good acidity that delivers a refreshing finish. Body: Medium to full Dry / Sweet: Dry (some German varietals are off-dry or medium-dry) Acidity: Medium to high…

wine cellar

Grüner Veltliner (Youthful)

Taste: Bright and juicy with aromas of white flowers, celery and a characteristic white pepper, followed by flavors of apple, grapefruit, peach and spice, together with clean mineral notes. Body: Light to medium Dry / Sweet: Dry Acidity: High Age: Drink while young and fresh. Aka: Also known as Veltlin, Veltlin Zelene, Veltlínské Zelené, Weissgipfler and Zold Veltlini. Description Grüner Veltliner (GROO-ner…

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Discover new Grape Varieties

There are so many wonderful and fascinating grape varieties to discover on the app.

Each one is unique and presents its own range of sensual pleasures for you to enjoy. 

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Master Food Pairing

It’s easier than you think and will greatly increase your enjoyment of wine.

Once you understand the basic principles the mystery will disappear.

Explore some food pairing ideas from the app

Cheese – Bloomy Rind

PAIRS BEST WITH: Aromatic & Rich whites or Fruity & Smooth reds ALSO CONSIDER: Smooth & Powerful reds Bloomy Rind cheeses are ripened by spraying the outside of the cheese with a mould (penicillium candidum), which gives them an edible “bloomy” rind that is generally white in color. It takes the mould about a week to develop…

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Explore your Taste Profile

We all have one. What’s yours? Find out in the My Taste section of the app.

This understanding will reveal your wine preferences and guide the wine selections you make.

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Designed for iPad

Pocket Wine is one of the few wine apps specifically designed for the iPad, as well as the iPhone.

Sync your wines across devices (between iPhone and iPad) for an enhanced wine experience.