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Food and wine pairing has never been so clear, accessible and easy to understand. This FREE app from Wine Paradigm gives you complete access to the comprehensive food pairing features in Pocket Wine – one of the most popular wine apps in the USA, UK and Canada. It gives you a detailed index of hundreds of meal types, showing you the best matches for different wine styles, grape varieties and blends.

A “Do’s & Don’ts” section, along with a “Quick Guide To Food Types”, provides valuable and easy to follow information enabling you to discover even more unique food and wine pairings for yourself. The app also allows you to view and sample many of the features and content of our parent app, Pocket Wine. Use this FREE app for as long as you like, and as often as you like (its also ad free). You can choose to upgrade at any time and access all the content to give yourself the full Pocket Wine experience. 

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You can download the app for free at the app store

An information section outlines the basic information needed when pairing food and wine.

Hundreds of food pairing recommendations are given, including a guide to the wine styles best suited to each recipe.

A Do’s and Don’ts section gives essential tips for successful food pairing.

A Quick Guide to Food Types provides clear and concise information on pairing wine with all the main food types.

Cheese pairing is also included along with a very useful classification of all the main cheese types and how best to pair them with wine.